Friday, April 29, 2005

Too Soon To Play God

This article describing the immaturity of genetic engineering as a technology is reminiscent of the state of early information technology except we are talking about endangered human lives instead of a piece of malfunctioning software. This is like creating a storm shelter with Lego and hoping all will work out well.

That bacteria can now simulate computers and create simple patterns is an amazing achievement for the field of molecular biology but not very sophisticated computer technology. Attempting to understand God's lexicon at this point is almost as pointless as trying to reach out to intelligent life elsewhere in the universe through inter-galactic e-mail service providers.


buckwaasur said...

lol...u do have a very nice capacity for hyperbole hc...:-))

FunnyCide said...

HOW do you find all these stories?? :D

that was indeed funny!

Heartcrossings said...

FC- Aimless, unmotivated wandering can lead you to the strangest destinations :-)

Anonymous said...

1. The article link at Yalehearald is now not existing or may be it was temporarily down! It's okay. You can't do anything on this.

2. The (inter-galactic e-mail) is now!