Saturday, August 06, 2005

Kiddie Cellular

A few days ago, J and I were on the way to the pool when an elderly gentleman smiled at J and said "Young lady, aren't you a little too young to have a cell-phone of your own ?" I sensed a mild rebuke directed towards me in that and explained to him that it was an old handset that did not work anymore. I let her have it as a toy. He looked relieved. It may not be long before kids even younger than J do have their own limited functionality cellulars

I for one would love for J to have a phone so she can stay connected with me all the time. The nine hours that we are apart everyday would seem less onerous. While not the most wholesome thing for a four year old to possess or use neither is a single (and full-time working) parent family. Like they say, evil begets evil.

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