Friday, December 09, 2005

Born From The Heart

Months ago J asked me where she lived when she was "wee little" qualifying that further by saying "really really teeny weeny". I told her the she has lived in my heart forever and when the time was right she came to me as a tiny baby.

J is astute enough to know that
tiny babies pop out of their Mommy's tummies. "Did I pop out of your tummy ?" she asks just to make sure and I say "Yes, you did". She was not overly concerned about the mechanics of it or in the fine print. The matter of her origins has since rested in peace.

A few days ago J announced "When I become Mommy, my baby will pop out of my heart and not from my tummy" This took me by surprise because J is a very good about sticking to facts however unpleasant unless she is in "pretend" world where
absolutely nothing is what is seems.

Besides the human body is her current fascination. At breakfast time J will claim she is so "full and tight" that her "intestine" hurts. While at the potty she will tell me about how her food journeyed all the way from her mouth to the "rectum" and was now coming out of her "anus". The "meta carpal" and "meta tarsal" bones are often displayed at dinner time too. I have no idea where she gets her yen for biology because I for one could barely manage a passing grade.

"Why would your baby pop out of your heart, J ? " I asked her. "Because that is where my baby lives. Same like I lived in your heart" My figure of speech had been taken literally and there was no way to undo it. Thanks to my misplaced metaphor, J's Pre-K biology is now grotesquely twisted.


Priyamvada_K said...

:D. That's so endearing. I'm sure J is 'pop'ular with everyone she comes across.


Teri said...

Here's to J and her precius heart.



Anonymous said...

Here's poem that touched my heart even though I was not overly fond of children or craved to be a mommy. I am sure you will like it too.
It remains my favourite till this day and I love to go back to it and give it to others.